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Top 10 Hottest News Anchors In The World

Time has changed As more and more women are too strong in some worldwide activities around the world, some women journalists have attracted the viewers of the world through incredible performance and poor appearance. They know how to dress, know how to talk, and finally, they know how to steal millions of hearts.

From CNN to Fox News and other channels, MSNBC and other channels, these heroines will be the most basic information that spreads in a most interesting way. This is the world’s top 10 most popular female news anchor.

01 Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel

Because of her passion for wisdom and appearance, She is among the most popular news spots in the first place. Courtney Friel (Courtney Friel) is the United States Los Angeles Courtney Friel (Courtney Friel) KTTV one of the successful journalists. She participated in a series of presidential performances before she was officially installed and began her career as a Go TV mobile TV player. Before joining the Fox News Channel in 2007, she was convicted by Maxim and FHM when she got a lot of remarkable sounds. She has a good commitment to resume, increase her enthusiasm and sexual attraction.

02 Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall

She is a national journalist of NBC. In addition, it is also the daily role of MSNBC, MSNBC is Tamron Hall’s “national news” the success of the host, today and Willie Geist, Morales and Roker co-chaired the third hour. First of all, She hones the Dallas skills to inform. She soon chose a better place in Chicago. In 2007, She received MSNBC technology and talent as a journalist and fully filled. Because of his wisdom and beautiful appearance, he was included in the second place.

03 Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin

At the age of 32, Brooke Baldwin was at CNN Newsroom in Atlanta Cyber World Headquarters. Prior to CNN, She began his career in Charlottesville, serving in Washington State and West Virginia. In 2008, when Sanchez was fired, Sanchez had the opportunity to join CNN, and little by little take the regular protests. Today, she is one of the most successful news communicators in the world. She has some good skills and looks.

04 Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee

Ms. Lee graduated a few years after her debut. Due to his performance personality and surprisingly spectacular, She was included in the fourth place in the list. She traveled to Forbes as news anchor and newspaper in the Forbes business network. During the online service, he often appeared on Fox, Friends, Breakfast and other shows, and in 2010 left Fox News Channel “Fox Business News”, and joined Jon Scott the co-chair.

05 Gigi Stone

Gigi Stone

Stone as a reporter for New York’s Bloomberg Television also introduced all aspects of bankruptcy and online business news. She has a wealth of experience in the media, entertainment and real estate. Today she has been a co-sponsor of Channel Weekly Bloomberg, a brief introduction to CEOs of all major and fast-growing companies. Gigi Stone has successfully reported on a variety of important business news on its channel, including the UBS tax evasion study. The case of Internal Transaction of the Carnival Group.

06 Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner graduated from Brown University, after which she started to try his luck, as a journalist, is also fairly fair. She soon took part in an editorial performance and eventually became the lead editor of the putter. She spent four years in his career and soon established a non-profit star such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle and George Clooney. She moved to the TV station in 2009 and now becomes the host of her own political performance on MSNBC.

07 Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas

She currently co-hosts FOX & Friends First. She is a good idea for the graduate channel of Emerson University. Julie is a very soft news station in Cambridge, dominating her radio career. She soon added a table to several newsrooms in Virginia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. She finally landed in New York City in 2005 and joined FNC. Where she served as a major grant. After that, she also served as “Fox” weekend host, but also “host of US News” co-sponsored.

08 Robin Meade

Robin Meade

She is the daughter of a minister who grew up in Ohio, New London and graduated from New London High School. She is the eighth on the list. She is a great and capable journalist. Mead’s McDhee WMDD reporter began his career in the field of broadcasting. After that, he served as host and journalist on the WCMH television station in Columbus, Ohio, and the WJW television station of Cleveland. In addition, he also won the WSVN TV “Today’s Florida” tomorrow anchor news. As a health journalist, she also served as moderator at noon.

09 Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is one of Fox News’s latest news brands (FNC). At present, presided over the “live in the United States”, this is only FNC broadcast daily news program. The lady is doing business before switching TV. She graduated from law school in 1995 and spent nine years in his career as a lawyer. She joined the Fox News Channel and included a series of important news and held a variety of important events. She is a beautiful lady, a successful journalist.

10 Susan Li

Susan Li

She was included in the top 10. Li Shouyi is a female anchor of Hong Kong, reported to Bloomberg Television. She graduated from the University of Toronto, worked at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and later served as the best anchor of China’s Central Television in China.

She joined Bloomberg Television in 2006 and eventually became one of the flagships of the channel’s success. her debut “first with Susan Lee” won the 17th Asian Television Best Film Award in 2012. In addition, Li Peng also co-chaired the “Asian Edition”, which is part of the Bloomberg TV morning for all Asia Pacific news.

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