31 Medium Length HairStyles and Shoulder Length Haircuts


If you are under this impression that having medium length hair is a problem and poses problems in styling or manageability then you are greatly mistaken. We are here to offer you some perfectly helpful solutions and to guide you properly. Below are some of the styles and cuts for medium length hair that will help you out and the perfection will influence you so much that you will carry it with a certain verve and confidence. Below is the list of some fabulous Medium Length HairStyles and Haircuts that will be really helpful.

1. Burnt Sienna Bob:

Burnt Sienna Bob

This chic bob is achieved by blow-drying our hair using a paddle brush. This cut is ideal for round, oval and heart-shaped faces while the hair should have a straight texture.

2. Sleek Perfection:

Sleek Perfection

In this style is ends of the hair are blunt and it’s a fringe in the front. This style is most suitable for round, oval and square-shaped faces.

3. Layered Haircut with Medium Layers:

Layered Haircut with Medium Layers

If we have medium layers around the forehead then this makes our hair look voluminous. To make it more pronounced we can add highlights to the texture.

4. The Slick Centre Part:

The Slick Centre Part

When we don’t have the time or simply don’t want to style our hair. We can simply super straighten our hair and tuck it behind the ears.

5. Tumble of Curls:

Tumble of Curls

In this Medium Length Hair Style, the hair is of the same length. It’s simply curled and swept to one side.

6. The Perfect Pony:

The Perfect Pony


To create this style at home we have to slick back our hair into a tight pony and then we pull gently at the hair just above the elastic to create height.

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